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Becoming a New Patient

If you qualify for our services and would like to become a new patient, please download both the New Patient Enrollment form and the Assignment of Benefits Form by clicking on the link below. Or, if you prefer, you may submit your information electronically by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab, above, and selecting the New Patient Form from the drop down list.

Download the New Patient Enrollment Form and Assignment of Benefits Form
Download the Patient Privacy Policy

Please fax your completed forms along with copies of your insurance card(s) and any Medical Power of Attorney (POA) paperwork if applicable to 602-952-7146.

After receipt of your paperwork, our New Patient Enrollment Coordinator will contact you for any additional information needed as well as to schedule your first appointment.

Or, if you prefer, you may contact our office at (602) 954-0444, and ask to speak to our New Patient Enrollment Coordinator.

Important Information for New Patients

IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY YOU MUST CALL 911. We are not urgent care providers.

On your first visit the provider will ask you about your medical history, review medications and allergies, and perform an examination. The provider may order lab tests or x-rays if needed. The provider will let you know when your follow up visit will be scheduled.

All patients are assigned by where you live to a team which includes a physician and a nurse practitioner. These individuals will both visit you as a patient. Both of these providers will enrich your care and will provide educations and treatment to improve the quality of your life.

We normally schedule visits with patients on a monthly basis or more often if the provider feels this is necessary. If your condition is very stable the provider may recommend visits less frequently.

Our staff will call you the day before your appointment to notify you of your appointment. If you are unable to be home that day the staff will be glad to re-schedule your appointment on a different day.

When you have an appointment scheduled please be aware you need to be at home that day. Our providers drive from patient to patient to see you. We are unable to predict the time of your appointment. Please do not call the office to find out what time the provider will be seeing you as this takes our time away from getting other things done, like referrals and calls from or about patient with an illness or injury.

Call the office and speak with your medical assistant and tell them how you are feeling and what has changed. The medical assistant will call your provider to determine what needs to be done. The provider will determine the urgency and will schedule you in a timely manner.

If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of vision, loss of use of your leg(s) or arm(s), severe bleeding, or a fall with a severe injury CALL 911.

If your problem is urgent but not an emergency you can call our office and the message will direct you to either leave a message or will connect you with the provider on call.

If you are able, call our office and inform your medical assistant. While you are hospitalized let the doctor or social worker know we are your primary care provider. They can help coordinate your discharge with us.

When you are discharged from the hospital, call our office so we can schedule an appointment to see you and review any changes in your treatment and possible need for Home Health Care.

Although our providers do not provide care in the hospitals, we do provide care in some skilled nursing facilities. If you are transferred to one of these we will be glad to be your provider there as well.

Please call your pharmacy to check for existing refills. Most prescriptions are written for one year of refills. Routine medications are refilled at your scheduled appointments.

If you are on narcotics which require a prescription your visits will be scheduled monthly to refill these.

If you need a narcotic refilled before you next scheduled appointment you must give our office 72 hours notice.

No narcotic refills can be done on weekends or by the provider on call.

Our office is not responsible for, nor arranges for transportation should it be necessary for outside appointments.

Should you need a referral or prior authorization for a test, specialist appointment, equipment, therapy or home health care, the process can take from 2 days to 21 days. The length of time depends on your insurance and the urgency. Your patience is appreciated.

You are responsible to inform our office of:
  • Changes in your address or phone number
  • Changes in the person we contact in case of an emergency
  • Change made in your insurance coverage
  • Changes in your medications as a result of treatment in a hospital or ER’s
  • Changes in your medications or treatments ordered by a specialist office
  • Changes in how you are feeling
  • All injuries, all falls must be reported to us

We are pleased to be able to offer hospice services to eligible patients through Desert Oasis Hospice. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them.

  • Dry scaly skin on your feet and/or foot fungus: apply Vick’s Vapo Rub to your feet at night and put on a loose pair of socks.

  • If you need to supplement your diet and do not like Ensure/Boost then try Carnation Instant Breakfast and mix it with ice cream or half and half.

  • If you have red burning itchy rash due to yeast infections on your skin mix 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts warm water and apply to a clean washrag and soak the area for 20 minutes. Remove the wash rag and pat the area dry. Do this for up to 7 days if needed. Call our office if the rash does not improve or worsens.

  • If you have ear wax then put two drops of Olive Oil in the ear at night for three days before your next appointment and the provider will clean your ears out.

  • If you are dehydrated from diarrhea, vomiting or heat exposure then take a package of regular Jello and mix it with water and drink this slowly. It is more important to drink a couple of swallows every 5-10 minutes.

  • If you are having diarrhea please use Imodium which is available without a prescription in all pharmacies. If your diarrhea does not improve or worsens over 24 hours call our office.

  • If you are vomiting or have the flu: Decrease your intake to clear liquids, jello, broth, lemon-lime soda, water, etc. If your vomiting does not stop in 24 hours call our office.

  • If you are having nausea, often taking gingerroot from the grocery store and scraping this into tea or water and drinking this will stop the nausea. Or get gingerroot tablets in the health food stores and take these. If the nausea persists talk with your provider.

  • If you are constipated: Constipation is defined as no stool in 2-3 days. Then mix prune juice with MOM, about 1 ounce of each and drink this.

  • If you are having bruising you can use Traumeel which is found in health food stores and sometimes even the grocery store. This contains Arnica which reduces bruising and often is used to treat sprains and strains.

  • If you have a fall or injury that is not severe: Please rest the area, apply ice, elevate the extremity, and apply compression with an ace bandage if able.

  • If you are having swelling in your legs or ankles then elevate your heels higher than your heart four times a day for 30-40 minutes.

  • We live in Arizona and during the year often people get dehydrated due to heat and poor fluid intake. For every cup of caffeinated beverage you need to replace the fluid lost with 2 cups of water or diluted juice. All persons need to drink 8 ounces of water for every hour in the heat/sun. All people should drink 8 glasses of water a day unless your provider has limited fluid intake.